Expected Impact of the program

Expected Impact of the program

Any viable program should have postive impact to an individual or the family, or a community or the nation at large.  The Free From Diabetes will indeed leave a mark in the lives of many. The impact will be felt by the participants themselves, their families, their communites in which they live as well as the nation.

  1. Individual

The participants of this program will have tremendous changes within weeks to months. They will  have Improvement in their glycemic control, Blood lipid levels and their in HbA1c. They will also loss weight as well get their medication or their insulin reduced. Their  diabetes related complications will get  reduced and with time they will be exprienced no more and finally they will be able to reverse their diabetes type II as well as reduce need for insulin for type I diabetes. This means a happy stress free live again!

  1. At family level

This program will have the impact to the family of the participants. The money which was channelled for treatment of their beloved ones can be invested. Their level of stress of the family members connected to the sickness of their loved ones will go down because their loved one is free from diabetes and its related complications. They will have more quality time with their beloved ones.

  1. At nation level

The nation will prevent premature deaths which are as a result of diabetes and its complications. They will be able to save the monies related to the treatment of diabetes and its related complications. These monies can be invested to improve the economy of a nation.


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  1. geoffrey magembe : October 1, 2016 at 12:55 am

    This diabetes risk assessment is good.

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