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The Innovative Diabetes Reversal Program

Free from diabetes is an innovative diabetes reversal program based on scientific evidence that has been tested and proved over time. It is based on the change of lifestyle and mindset.

Our mission is to use scientifically proven methods to reverse diabetes.

Our aim to help people to discover the possibility of reversing diabetes so that we can have a diabetes free world!

This 1-day event will:

  • Introduce to a powerful lifestyle that reverses most cases of diabetes.
  • Help people with type I diabetes discover how they can reduce their need for insulin as well how they can prevent complications.

Our focus  Healthy lifestyle that includes right eating, exercise, stress release and positivity.With this program, you will begin to eat many foods you have missed for a long time including fruits and dried fruits.

 Attendance Profile  This event is targeting the following:

  • People with diabetes both type II
  • Diabetes type I over 16 years
  • Family members and significant others of people with diabetes type II or I.
  • People with family history of diabetes but with no diabetes.
  • Prediabetes
  • People diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.
  • Health conscious people would like to know how they can prevent diabetes.
  • Anyone with 40 years and above
  • Health care providers


This event is targeting an attendance of 200 participants and above with age 16 and above. Both sexes, married and un married, with diverse professionals, from within Nairobi county or other counties as well as outside Kenya.



April 9




Crowne Plaza Upper hill
Crowne Plaza Upper hill
Nairobi, Nairobi 00100 Kenya


0715 40 31 75



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