Diabetes is becoming a major challenge in many countries. The current trend indicates that diabetes is on the rise and it will not go down.

Any country must address this challenge since the impact of diabetes is felt across; from an individual to, to the family, the community as well as the nation.

Free from diabetes is a product of scientific findings across the globes whose main aim is to prevent as well reverse diabetes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse or prevent diabetes using effective scientific proven methods.

Our Vision

To have a world free from diabetes

Our watch word: Discover the possibility!!!

Our Focus

Our focus is in a powerful lifestyle method, and a change of mindset to reverse diabetes type II and aid to reduce the need of insulin in type I diabetes.

Our aim

To have families, communities and a nation free from diabetes.

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions all around the world and the numbers are raising day by day. The best available medication and the current dietary recommendations are unable to limit the growth of this disease never mind reversing it.1

Diabetics have an increased likelihood of developing other health complications which reduces their quality of life and potentially leaving them with damaged eyes and kidneys, prone to heart attacks and amputation and in constant pain due to neuropathies- which can eventually lead to depression and premature deaths (1)

The current trend indicate that the numbers of diabetes will not go down unless dedicated efforts are implemented to reverse this trend.

Lancet indicated their dilemma on diabetes and wrote, ” Medicine might be winning the battle of glucose control, but losing the war against diabetes. Because type-2 diabetes, which accounts for 90% of diabetes, is largely rooted in reversible social and lifestyle factors, a medical approach alone is unlikely to be the solution. A strong, integrated, and imaginative response is required, in which the limits of drug treatment are recognised. 2 This is why a new approach to diabetes is now needed than before.

Free from diabetes is a health solution based on several scientific evidences conducted by prominent physicians and scientists around the globe. This program is therefore safe and result- oriented.

This program is a response to the dilemma amplified by lancet that  a medical approach alone is unlikely to be the solution of type-2 diabetes since it is largely rooted in reversible social and lifestyle factors. Therefore their is “a need of a strong, integrated, and imaginative response in which the limits of drug treatment are recognised.”

Free from diabetes will be the first diabetes reversal program to be initiated and conducted in Kenya and in Africa. However, this work is in a more advanced stages in several countries like the USA and India. In India, Sharan- India, freedom from diabetes among others  are doing this work. In the UK, Vegan and vegetarian foundation is in the forefront with this work. In the USA, the Physician committee of responsible medicine under the leadership of Dr. Barnard Neal pioneered this work among others. Therefore, Free from diabetes- an innovative diabetes reversal program is not a new concept. It one which has been tested over time and proved scientifically safe. In this case, intiating and implementing this program Kenya will be joinig the list of those dedicated in this noble work.


We provide evidence based services through a range of our innovative programs. These services are aimed at helping diabetics live a life free from diabetes and its related complications.


We offer programs that not only reverse diabetes but that also create awareness to individuals and communities on ways of safeguarding against or reducing the incidence and the impact of diabetes.


In this era of research we endeavour to remain up to date with the ever changing environment. To ensure best practices, we endeavour to countinously base our practice on sound scientific evidence and countinously improve by ongoing research.

Dr. William Herman a proffesor of internal medicine in the University of Michigan said ‘ Lifestyle is better than a pill’. This was after his work to estimate the cost of effectiveness of lifestyle changes verus taking drugs following a massive launch of diabetes prevention in the US in the year 2002. 3  Our approach is  It is based on the lifestyle changes which have been scientially tested over time hence the safety of each individual is assured.

The following aspects forms the core of our reversal program.  This is why this program is powerful to reverse diabetes and its related complications:

  1. Education: “It is said that education  is power in the hands of people to change their world.” Onee of our core business is to empower individuals, corporates, communities and the nation at large with knowledge, skills and the right attitude necessary to set the stage that will lead to the decline of new cases of diabetes as well as reduce the present cases of  diabetes and its related complications.
  2. Diet: One health campaigner wrote “We cannot safely be guided by the customs of society. The disease and suffering that prevails everywhere are largely due to popular errors in regard to diet”4. We have developed The Ideal Diabetic Diet a scientific proven diet with the power to reverse diabetes as well as prevent or reverse diabetes related complications.
  3. Exercise. It forms the nucleus of this reversal program. We will design an individualised exercise plan suitable for you.
  4. Stress release and positivity: We understand the impact of mental health to the overall wellbeing of a person. We will therefore endeavour to help you step by step in stress management strategies to help you reliieve your stress as well as create a conducive environment for your recovery. The saying is true, ” You are what you think” . For this reason, we will also help you remain positive throughout until you reap the results of your hard work.
  5. Spiritual connection: We emphasis the spiritual aspect in this reversal program. Scientific evidence has shown that those who dedicate their lives to a superior being are more happy and have a sense of living!!

This program is not limited to diabetics. It is suitably designed for all people. Non diabetics can learn how to avoid it as well as learn how they can help others remain free from diabetes.

Those with  diabetes type II or pre diabetic will greatly benefit from this program.  However, people with type I diabetes cannot reverse it but will have their need for insulin go down as well reduce or prevent diabetes related complications. This therefore means their quality of life will definitely improve!