Event Date: 9th of April, 2017    Venue: Crowne Plaza Upper hill


The Innovative Diabetes Reversal Program

Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse or prevent diabetes using effective scientific proven methods.”

Our Vision

To have a world free from diabetes

Our watch word: Discover the possibility!!!

Our Focus

Our focus is a powerful therapeutic lifestyle changes that emphasises on the ideal diabetic diet, increased exercise, stress reduction and positivity and change of mindset.

Our aim

To have families, communities and a nation free from diabetes.

Free from diabetes is an innovative diabetes program based on sound scientific evidence.

We EDUCATE, SUPPORT and  INSPIRE diabetics in Kenya and all round the world so that they can be free of insulin and medicines naturally.


  • Basic program
  • Foundation program
  • Intensive program
  • Residential program
  • Distance Program
  • Cooking lessons

Type II Diabetes Risk Assessment


Attendance Profile

This event is targeting the following:

  • People with diabetes type II
  • Diabetes type I with over 18 years
  • Family members and significinant others of people with diabetes type II or I.
  • People with family history of diabetes but with no diabetes.
  • Prediabetes
  • People diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.
  • Health conscious people would like to know how they can prevent diabetes.
  • Anyone with 40 years and above
  • Health care providers


This program is designed for people with diabetes type 2, pre- diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

However, people with type I diabetes can benefit from this program but they cannot reverse it. Their need for insulin go down, they will reduce or prevent diabetes related complications. This therefore means their quality of life will definitely improve!

It is suitably designed for all people. People without diabetes can learn how to avoid it as well as how they can help others remain free from diabetes